'Mini' 'Jerr' & 'Roo'

'Mini' 'Jerr' & 'Roo'
"i love my chihuahuas" <3

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

things are back to normal.. YAYY

Jazmin is no longer in heat, and my Rhupert and Jackamo are back to their normal selves! They didn't eat for a few days while she was in heat, and lost alot of sleep. I read on the internet that could happen, but im so glad things are back to normal in this house. Jackamo is back to his loving self, and Rhupert is back to his silly playful self.
                       Ahhhh Life Is Good!

Monday, February 7, 2011

counting down the days until Spring..

I hate hate hate Winter. So do my chihuahuas. Jerry doesn't mind the snow as much as the others, but he is the adventurous one that likes to be right where the action is all the time, snow or not. Everyone usually just does their business and gets their booties back inside. haha
Jazmin thinks this snowy stuff stinks lol...
 I found a countdown until Spring. I wanted to do one for Summer, but Spring is first, and it is one step closer to Summer.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

must have

Last night i was playing a game on Facebook, and on the right side where all the ads are displayed, i noticed an ad about dog diapers. I have used belly bands on my male dogs, but after a while they just don't work like i like. When i saw this website, i was so excited. Ofcourse i have to save up, but eventually i want to buy 3 of these for my boys. I wish i could say my boys are angels, but for some reason they think they have to mark their territory lol. 

They look like they will stay put and be secure.
It will also be good for taking them to other peoples homes, and being able to relax.

Friday, February 4, 2011

tick tock tick tock..

how long will this last??? LOL
Its been hectic here, the power of Jazmins pheromones are still taking over this house. My husband got out our daughters doll clothes, hoping to 'cover up' Roo's private area, in able to get some sleep. Rhupert managed to skwerm out of it, not too long after it was put on him haha.
for now, he is forever waiting,, and hoping.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentines is just around the corner..

just a little Valentines photo shoot~~~
we needed some color on this gloomy snowy day :)

with a lil bling of course ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fun times..

Jack seems to think she needs a babysitter haha
yes, its crazy at our house with Jazmin being in heat. Jack and Rhupert are relentless, day and night, determined to be with Jazmin. She doesn't seem to mind all the attention, but its easier to keep the boys at one end of the house and her at the other. I cannot wait until things are back to normal again. LOL